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Feelings are energy too, change your energy, change your life

Feelings are energy too, change your energy, change your life

January 16, 2020

Here in this podcast show, I share about how important it is to be aggressively aware of the feeling space we are in when we speak or take action on any one thing.

Feelings are energy too! I know on the last video I told you that

Words were energy and to be careful about the words you choose, and

now I am telling you that the feeling you put into the words you speak

are energy too.

wow, you are there saying really Marti? everything is energy? and I

say YES!

yes, the energy behind the words you say will determine the speed at

which you get or don’t get what you want….

You Must Learn How To Die Before You Can Live!//¡Debes aprender a morir antes de poder vivir!

You Must Learn How To Die Before You Can Live!//¡Debes aprender a morir antes de poder vivir!

December 11, 2019

Ours is a mixed-up world based on materialist goals and ego-centered accomplishments. Subsequently, it is very easy to get pulled into the “vortex” created by the dramatic events in our lives. We begin to live in the drama of our life.  #mujerdeexitounbouded  #empoweringlatinacoach

Self worth is the Key to Positive Self- Esteem

Self worth is the Key to Positive Self- Esteem

November 20, 2019

If I were to ask you today what your true value was, what would you say? Would you answer through the eyes of another? Would your answer be the ghost voice of your mother, your ex, your friends, your enemies or perhaps your co-workers? Where does self-worth come from? The fact is that self-esteem is external and self-worth is internal. These two are interwoven.

Interview with Erica Alfaro for the House of Mexico

Interview with Erica Alfaro for the House of Mexico

November 6, 2019

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Critical voices in your head stop you and keep you down!!
Creating success by stopping procrastination

Creating success by stopping procrastination

May 19, 2019

I believe that in business taking action is the most important step towards success.

If you are brimming with an idea, dream or a vision.... it is ok to let the idea grow, simmer and ferment in your mind for a reasonable period of time.👌

Similar to how a plant needs to grow in the soil but then it reaches a point when it is time to push through ‘the idea’ and give it a chance to grow and survive out in the physical world.🧚‍♀️

When your idea, dream or vision matures and becomes a mature plant then you will look back with pride and say to yourself “Wow! I did it.”🙌I was able to use my green thumb and make it grow!

The simple truth is that dreams, visions, and goals are achieved and accomplished only through action.

None of the theories and plans will work if you don’t take any action.

Dream it, think it, plan it, then do it.

Execution is the secret ingredient, many people can have the same idea but what sets them apart is how they execute it.

Taking the first step is usually the hardest part of the journey.💯

Often times someone is not sure about the best direction to take to implement their dreams and therefore the temptation is to wait until the entire road map is available or the timing is perfect in order to begin.

So it becomes a waiting game, waiting until all the pieces of the puzzle are available and make sense, waiting for the right conditions and circumstances, waiting and breeding procrastination upon procrastination – a procrastination infestation, over analyzing and saying that I will do it one day.👀

By overthinking the starting point you might end up not taking any action.

Doubt, fear, worry, and uncertainty also stops people from taking action.

Sometimes we think that we have to take big steps to start out and this becomes a paralyzing thought.🧠

But how can you take action?

Taking the first step is scary but it must be done.👍

To achieve the progress you have to take action.

Think about all the positive outcomes and possibilities that you want. This should encourage you to take the first step.🤩

Remember that many other people have been at the very same starting point that you are in and they took the plunge and dove into action...

I remember this daily and am consistently out there doing everything I can to bring my vision to fruition!!
If I allowed myself to procrastinate, my health and wellness business would not be available now to serve its purpose through me.

So question to you is....

Are you ready to elevate YOUR life by taking what your love of being a health and wellness entrepreneur and helping others achieve more health?

I would love to have you join the team of professionals that I work with in my NWM business -- we facilitate health and wellness to all who want a better life!
I cannot think of a more admirable way to help others but through their health!

So will you join us? or will you refer us to someone who is willing?

would love to chat with you... Send me a message, reach out, and ask me how!!



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